Friday, November 22, 2013

KIDSMOVIECLUB Reviews of the Week

Rabbit Proof Fence

Congratulations to Kimberly, Ryan H, Madi, Anaiya and Michael for being chosen as Reviewers of the Week for their reviews of the film Rabbit Proof Fence.

They will be presented with movie vouchers from Civic Video Johnsonville AND they will choose this week's movie.

Review by Kimberly

Rabbit Proof Fence is full of suspense, and three adventurous girls.

This film is about three girls who get taken away because they are half-castes (that means if they marry a white person their babies will be white). The oldest is Molly Craig. The youngest is Gracie Fields(their Cousin) and the middle one is Daisy Craig.

Soon they run away from the people who were keeping them hostage. They kept surviving by asking people for food, and they were very clever with their hunting and hiding skills - especially Molly. They managed even to escape the tracker using a piece of clothing sending the tracker the wrong way.

When I was watching the film it sort of made me want to opt out because I don’t usually watch these kinds of movies with not really happy ending but in the end it was actually a really good movie making you predict what happens next – even when they’re older. This movie is great I definitely recommend this to people who don’t mind a different kind of movie ending. It has a lot of suspense and quite a bit of action, I would give it a star rating  because I’m not used to these movies but it still worked out. 

Review by Madi
2,400 kilometers is a long way home...

Especially for three young girls, Molly ,(the oldest ) Gracie and Daisy (the youngest ), when the three half caste girl are taken from their mother and the aboriginal people of Jangalo.

Molly, Gracie and Daisy are sent on a long trip to Moore River Native Reserve. In attempt to escape, they run away back to Jangalo.  

To find the way home they follow the rabbit proof fence, meeting lots of people on the way who give them food and coats.

On the way, Gracie is taken back to the reserve by the Aboriginal tracker and American police man.

Will Molly and Daisy survive the harsh Australian outback and make it home to Jangalo?

I think this is a movie is full of courage, hope and detertermation. This movie will tug at your heart for sure, and is really enjoyable.    
I’d give this heart warming movie a 4 out of 5

Review by Ryan H

This movie is about three girls in Australia who are taken away from their family and to a strange settlement where the government tries to teach half-castes (dark-skinned people who can eventually turn into white people over 3 generations) to be like white skinned people.

The eldest girl, Molly, tells the other two they are going to walk back home along the rabbit proof fence because she hates that place.  Then they go on a journey - and walk 1500 miles!!!! That’s an incredibly long way to walk, the same as walking to Auckland and back - twice!

I think Molly really hates that place and she must be super anxious to get home. Meanwhile, the white people and an aborigine tracker who used to be a hunter are trying to find the girls on their way home.

I thought Rabbit Proof Fence was boring – it had no funny bits, no action or excitement. This type of drama is strange and sad and not the sort of movie I like.

Review by Anaiya

Rabbit Proof Fence is a heartwarming movie full of compassion, determination and passion.

Do you think that you could walk 2,400 kilometers? Well thats exactly what Molly Daisy and Gracie did. These 3 half-caste girls were taken to Moore-River Reserve to learn “proper” manners like the white people, but oldest- Molly- would not put up with that. She stood up for herself and her sisters. She taught the Sisters who worked at the Reserve that they couldn't boss her around. She snuck out of the reserve with her sisters and walked 2,400 kilometers.

They followed the Rabbit Proof fence, meeting lots of people along the way - some kind some not.

Will they make it back to their home, Jungalo?

This movie shows that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

                                           I would rate this a..... 4.5 out of 5

Review by Michael 

This movie is full of suspense and has a lot of adventure scenes.

This story is about three aboriginal girls who get taken away to a half cast camp due to the law. At that time all half cast kids had to be put into a training camp so they could be taught how white people live.

I felt sad that people were getting treated this way in time gone by. I can't imagine living in that time as an aboriginal person.

The movie was sad and taught me how good it is to live today, though I did find it a little drawn out. So overall I would rate this 2/5 stars.

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