Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Learning Celebration and Concert


Thanks parents, students and teachers for coming out to support our cultural show on Monday night!
Despite a few technical hitches, the children danced, sang and acted so well, and proved the mantra "the show must go on". The SHOW ELECTIVE performed the main parts of this show, supported by
the whole school on several items.
They did incredibly well to learn it all in just 6 short weeks!

A few highlights from the night…
  • REMAIN CALM, just in case you didn't get it….great work Aimee.
  • Chopsticks dance - these 7 beautiful Chinese dancers in their gorgeous costumes really stole the show.
  • Macarena - very cool rendition of this song by our very own Amesbury school band.
  • Superb acting, line memorizing and voice projection from 6 very talented Air Hostesses.
  • Brilliant Bollywood dancing from the show elective complete with bells.
  • Samoan Sasa - presented enthusiastically and with rhythm.
  • Nga Iwi E, Mo Li Hua, Qing ba, We are the world - the songs sung by the whole school.
  • Haka - delivered with pride and power by the boys of Amesbury School.
  • Awesome acting from 2 pilots, 2 VIP passengers & 2 boarding pass girls.
  • Samuel H & Matt N -  total legends who did sound and video loops, and fast thinking on the spot when things weren't working!
  • Amazing cultural artwork & lanterns hung around the hall - well done to Jeanelle & the Art elective.

Big thanks to:
  • The 3 wonderful parents who helped children change their costumes backstage
  • Hong & Julia - my partners in crime who helped write and direct this thing, you are both so dedicated
  • The Amesbury teachers for helping move gear, here there and everywhere
  • The show elective kids for all your hard work and fantastic performing - you should be so proud of yourselves

Ka kite,


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