Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair was held last week.
Lots of families bought books and kept the book fair busy for the majority of its opening hours.  The library elective group did a fantastic job of organising and running it.  Some children were particularly good at adding up amounts, money and giving change, putting purchases into bags, making customers feel welcome and keeping the displays tidy. 

Luke Woodcock read a book to a small group of children and their parents. He was a very willing helper and chose a great book to read!
Students dressing up for the book fair
Also during last week children from the elective group read to groups of children throughout the whole hub. They were awesome.
More book characters

The students who helped were:
Kate Ishaan            Alex
Sam         Siyala           Mischa
Olivia Siddaarth Deven
Kimberly Ryan H Avin
Priya Hannah S Grace
We are still finalising the total of sales and the amount of money/book commissions we have made but it is looking like a healthy increase on last years sales.

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