Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Amesbury School Clean Up and Fundraiser

Kia ora koutou,

For the last few weeks we have been very busy in Koru Hub with our See a Need, Fill a Need Projects. Most students have been looking at global needs such as rubbish, poverty, war, the destruction of habitats and the extinction of animals. Some students have also been looking at local/New Zealand needs, such as the damage from the Christchurch earthquakes. Finally, a group of students have been looking at school needs, such as friendships.

Each group has come up with a way that they can fill the need, or at least begin to fill the need. For a number of students they decided that they could begin to fill the need by fundraising for an organisation which is already doing some great stuff.

These children would like to raise money for:
  • Red Cross
  • Child Fund
  • SPCA
  • Salvation Army
  • World Vision
  • Habitat for Humanity
We will be having this fundraising event, along with a clean up afternoon, on Tuesday, 16 September from 1-3pm.

During lunch time there will be a fun run on the courts and a disco in the hall. Each will be a gold coin donation to enter. There will also be some delicious biscuits and cupcakes for sale in Koru Hub.

After lunch there will be a rubbish clean up around the school as a part of the Keeping New Zealand Beautiful clean up week. Families are welcome to come and join us for the clean up, as well as the lunchtime activities.

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