Thursday, September 11, 2014

Creative Coffee Morning - Matt Needs Your Help

Hello community!

Matt here. I’m currently in the midst of a Masters program - a Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). At the moment, I’m taking a paper on Design Thinking - a process, or way of thinking people use to innovate.

As a part of this, I want to host a “creative coffee morning”- a meeting of people who wouldn’t normally meet, to discuss creative culture and design thinking. It's actually just a good old chance to chat about your work or projects, both big and small, what you’ve been up to, and challenges for your creativity both in your personal and professional lives and to listen to others.

It will be an informal, interesting chat where we can learn a bit more about how other people ‘do’ creativity.

Mike and I will be there, and we’d love you to come along. It will be held in The Commons (staff room - up the stairs), 8.00am - 8:45am (ish) on Tuesday morning (16 September). Drop your children off to Demelza in Kowhai before jpining us in The Commons. If you cannot come for the whole 45 minutes, just come for as long as you can. We'll have yummy ham and cheese croissants available. Tempted???

P.S - Don’t be shy! This isn’t just for the “traditional”creatives (although, we’d love to see you come along) such as the artists and architects etc. All people are creative every single day in both large and small ways. I know as a teacher I didn’t used to think I was particularly creative, but when I stepped back and looked, I realised we’re creating new ways to do things, new systems and new ways for students to express their own creativity all the time.

So go’on! See you there :D

RSVP to Matt if you are able to and interested in being involved.


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