Friday, November 28, 2014

Earthquake drill and emergency evacuation - Report to Parents

Date: 17 November 2014

During earthquake simulation:
  • Students were quick to drop, cover, hold upon the announcement of an earthquake over the PA system.  There was some initial talk but it quickly stopped.
  • Students remained calm during the simulation and waited for the “all clear” announcement from Gail.
 Exiting the buildings:
  • All whanau teachers had their Grab Bags and whanau lists.
  • Harakeke students left the hub smoothly.
  • With all the new students, there was some confusion in Koru over leaving the hub.    
 Returning to hubs after drill:
  • All students walked back in orderly lines to their respective hubs.
  • If a student is not with their whanau group due to working with a specialist teacher in a different area of the school, teachers should text/see Gail, who is out on the courts, to ensure that the student is accounted for.
  • If a child signs into eTap when they arrive at school but then leaves soon after due to sickness, check that their status has been changed to ‘M’ (Medical) on eTap, or make sure they have signed out at the office.
  • Koru hub should have more frequent emergency drills as they regularly have new students starting school who do not know the routines.
  • Make students aware that exit routes could change depending on the state of the buildings in the event of a real earthquake.  In this situation, it is vital that they remain calm and listen clearly to all instructions from their teachers (just as they did today).
  • Have an “unexpected” earthquake drill and emergency evacuation - one where the students don’t know that it will be happening and could possibly be spread out across the whole school.  (This recommendation came from a student - a great idea!)
  • Have a drill during a morning tea or lunchtime.

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