Monday, August 17, 2015

High Five Awards - Term 3, Week 4 (10-14 August 2015)

High Five!High Five! — by Amesbury Office

Congratulations to all students who received a High Five award last week.  

Details of each award can be found on the individual certificates posted in the parent area near the office.  Certificates will be sent home with students at the end of term.

By Amesbury Office

Photo Gallery

Jamie - Authenticity AND SustainabilityJamie - Authenticity AND Sustainability — by Amesbury Office

Hannah - AuthenticityHannah - Authenticity — by Amesbury Office

Arnah - Excellence AND AuthenticityArnah - Excellence AND Authenticity — by Amesbury Office

Echelon - ExcellenceEchelon - Excellence — by Amesbury Office


Callum - ExcellenceCallum - Excellence — by Amesbury Office

Vinnie - ExcellenceVinnie - Excellence — by Amesbury Office

George - SustainabilityGeorge - Sustainability — by Amesbury Office

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