Friday, October 20, 2017

School Board of Trustees Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday 25th October at 5.30pm in the school board/meeting room....


• Apologies

• Conflict of Interest

Minutes of previous virtual meeting held 23 – 29 September 2017:

• Confirmation

• Matters Arising

• Action Table

Education/Curriculum/Student Achievement focus

· Digital Technologies Curriculum – implementation plan

· Communities of Learning/Kahui Ako – Cluster Principals’ Position Paper (in Dropbox)/Board Chairs meeting with the Principals


• Space issues in 2018

• Bike Track Phase 1 completion update


• Annual Self-Review Programme 2017

Health and Safety

• Year 5/6 camp documentation for approval

Accident and Injury Register

Legislation –

· Recapitation – update/discussion of our response to the Ministry’s position paper

Policies for review

· Amesbury Fundraising

· Sensitive Expenditure

· Student Promotion


• 2018 Annual Charter Development – discussions

• Board Self Review


• New server needed – form sub-committee to discuss and meet with Norcomm

• Updates to ALF


• Finance Report as at 19 October 2017

• Balance Sheet

• Profit and Loss

• Aged debtors

• Financial Management Report against budget

• Expenses by Contact and Capital Item Expenditure

Business/PR Department

• Visit by KOLs (social media stars in China) – See Stories by KOLs

• Interest from China in package for short term teacher training in “New Zealand teaching”

Community Engagement

• Appreciation event – how/when should we hold this?

Next meeting:

5.30pm, 29 November, 2017 

By Chris Waugh

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