Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summer Day Out - This Saturday 23rd February!

The Amesbury Summer Day Out is fast approaching.  Thank you for all the offers of help and resources.  If you haven’t had a chance to contact us yet, and have some time to help out on Saturday, we’re still keen to hear from you.
Also, a friendly reminder that your box of goodies for the Cake Stall can be delivered to the school hall kitchen from Friday morning, right up until 5pm.  Extra cake boxes are available from the office.

Rachel W

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Small tin cans needed!

Hi there,
We have our hub overnight camps coming up, how exciting!
On our Yr 5 and 6 camp one of the things we will be learning to do is make survival stoves. We have a good supply of large tin cans for the outer stove, thanks to Novotel (cheers Phil Hilton), so we are now looking for smaller cans to fit inside the larger ones. The perfect size would be slightly smaller (not quite as deep) as a normal tin of baked beans.Tinned fruit, condensed milk or small servings of soup often come in smaller sized cans - any of these would be perfect.
If you have any of these cans can you please rinse them out and send them into Harakeke hub by Monday 25th Feb.
In return we will post lots of pictures of our wonderful survival stoves and the tasty treats we will cook on them!
Thank you for your help with this, Harakeke Hub.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cot or Not

Hi guys,

Matt here from Harakeke Hub.

As some of you may know, I've got a little baby hanging out at home with me nowadays. He's just like his Dad and likes to sleep a lot (thankfully). Thing is, he's growing so quickly he's soon to outgrow his basket. Before heading off to an expensive furniture store or some-such, I thought I'd throw out a request:

Are there any cots hidden away in a basement or attic or somewhere in your house you'd be amenable to parting with for reasonable remuneration? Think of all you could do with the extra space! Not much, probably... but hey, it all counts!

Please contact me on or stop in before or after school to Harakeke Hub for a chat.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

PSW Anne Hare Challenge

Calling all Year 4-6 students who fancy themselves as miniature Usain Bolts!

A 2 000m running relay.

All Year 4-6 students at Amesbury School who can sprint 200m.

Each team needs 10 people (either all boys, all girls or a mixed team) to run 200m each.

Monday 18 March (Week 7). Time to be confirmed, but it will be after school (it was 4:30-6pm last year)

Newtown Park

To attempt to break Anne Hare’s 2 000m record.

If your child is interested, please let Demelza know so she can organise and enter the team(s). E-mail her at  

Summer Day Out

Amesbury Summer Day Out 2013 (previously called Amesbury Country Fair)
Saturday 23rd February, 2013: 11.00am – 2.00pm
The Amesbury PPT would like to invite you to celebrate the end of summer with a day packed full of fun and sun - hopefully!  It will be a perfect opportunity to welcome all the new and returning school families, as well as bringing together the wider community.
Any profit will go towards the fundraising for stage 2 of the playground development, which is focussed on the design and build of playground facilities for the senior students.
As with all events, it takes people-power to make it successful. So this message is a LOUD shout out for helpers of all kinds to contribute to making this a great day out for all!  Anything you can do will make a big difference and will be greatly appreciated.  Below is a list of things we need help with.
Baking – Due to the success of the Coffee & Cake stall at the International Gala we are keen to do this again, with your help.  Cake boxes will be distributed for the students to bring home, in the hope that you will fill them with a cake/slice/biscuits/savoury items that we can sell.  A range of box sizes will be available, including smaller ones that may be more appropriate for slice/biscuits.  If you have a box size preference, or would like more than one box, please let Rachel Watson know by Thursday 14th Feb. or ph 477 3525.   
Helpers on the day – Helpers are needed for cooking and serving at the BBQ, selling other food/snacks and hot/cold drinks, supervising and coin collection at activities, setting up and tidying up.  We plan on breaking these tasks into one hour slots so that everyone can still get to enjoy the day.  If you can contribute even more than an hour - fantastic!  Just 1/2hr, then we would still love to hear from you –  The time slots are:
·       10.30am-11.30am
·       11.30am-12.30pm
·       12.30pm-1.30pm
·       1.30pm-2.30pm
If you have a preferred task and or time slot, get in quick.
Can you assist with?
Performers: do you know anyone who can sing, dance, perform (e.g. clown, magician), do face painting, wear a costume? (Costume provided)
Contacts: do you know of a business or do you work for a business that would donate something for our raffle or would help sponsor/participate in any other way?  
Chilly Bins: do you have large chilly bins you could lend us for the day?
Gazebo: do you have a gazebo we could borrow?
Please let us know ASAP how you can help, and your preferred timeslot.
Contact: Rachel Watson on or ph: 477 3525 / 0274 50 60 50
Many thanks from the PPT: Rachel Watson, Jo Lockery, Lorraine Walmsley, Rebecca Laracy, Debbie Dunbar and Lesley Murrihy

World Education Games

The Games have returned!
The waiting is over... the big day has arrived! The World Education Games website has officially launched for the 2013 event - the warm-up period has begun!

This year, the World Education Games is bigger and better than ever - with a sleek new look, new features and lots of additional resources to make the next few weeks a really exciting time in schools and homes across the world.

5 March - World Literacy Day
6 March - World Maths Day
7 March - World Science Day

Those with Mathletics usernames and passwords have been automatically registered to take part. Students and teachers can simply sign into with their existing usernames and passwords.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calling all parents....join our electives!

Interested in art, sewing, survival skills, sport coaching, baking, ICT, drama, music, biking....? If so, you may be just the person we are looking for!
On Friday of Week 2 (15th Feb) we are starting a 5 week module of electives across the school. These electives will run each Friday from 9-11am. During these blocks of time we would like to offer a wide range of different activities for students to choose from. We would really like to offer as many different opportunities as possible, so we are keen for any parents to come and offer an elective and join in the fun.
Your elective can be offering any activity you think students may be interested in, from cooking to gardening or bike maintenance. Choosing something you particularly enjoy yourself makes it more fun. You can offer to take any size group from 2 students to 120! You can also specify particular year levels if you think your activity is particularly suitable for younger or older students. If you are interested but a bit unsure of running an activity by yourself feel free to team up with other parents and run a joint activity.
Students will be signing up for a 5 week block of activities, so we do ask that you are available for all 5 sessions. All sessions will run on Friday mornings (9-11am).
Interested? Please contact Urs or Angela ( or to find out more. Come along and join in the fun, it'll be a blast!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Koru Hub Information Session

Koru Hub Information Session

Thursday 14th February

For parents of new children in koru hub
Meet us in kowhai - the yellow suite

We will cover things such as:
  • Literacy and Numeracy programme
  • Inquiry, iTime and personal contracts
  • Whanau teachers and team teaching
  • Workshops and how we group children
  • Home work and how you can help
  • School website, blogs and planning site
  • Mathletics and Bug Club
  • How children learn to read and write plus tips and tricks
  • Routines and expectations, signing in, lunch, shoes etc
  • Meet the teachers and other parents
We look forward to seeing you there!

Angela, Lisa, Demelza and Mike