Friday, June 14, 2013

Amesbury Netball Report - A Good Win!

With the grading games finished we headed into Round 1 against Thorndon Black, the team we drew with in our first match.  At practice, the girls expressed their confidence to take out a win this time round (in not such conservative language), relying on their improvement since the drawn match.  I raised the prospect that perhaps Thorndon Black could've improved too but that didn't appear to deter their self-assurance.

The girls started out well, creating havoc with the opposition's centre pass and not letting the ball near Thorndon's goal circle in the first quarter.  A 3-0 lead at quarter time proved to be crucial as that was the final score.  The defence from the Amesbury Ferns was impressive again but what was particularly pleasing to see was some good thinking with passing options and more movement.  Many of the girls demonstrated how effective dodging can be and all the girls showed improvement with their chasing of the loose balls.  

Well done to Sharvi who received the Player of the Day award for her excellent moving around the court and picking up those loose balls.  Also to Kali who received the Magic Moment award for her movement and great defending.

As it turned out, the girls confidence was warranted.  Well done girls!

Also a big thanks to Sue for filling in as our ref.

Next game is at 10.10am against the Khandallah Supernovas, same venue.  Please meet at our warm up area at 9.45am.

For games from now on, could I please ask that the Captain for the game bring the after match treats.  I also thought it might be useful for the shooters for each week to know who they are so they have some extra motivation for practising during the week.  All girls will get a turn shooting and should all get to play both GS and GA.  Shooters for the next match will be Carolyn, Hannah, Melanie and Emily.  Captain for the next match will be Ella (so Mel, that's you on treats!).

See you at practice on Friday.


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