Wednesday, February 21, 2018

School Notices: 21 - 28 February


Everything you need to know around and about School for the next week.

For your diary: Paid Union Meeting on Tuesday, 13th March - please read Urs's article here

Scholastic Book Club: The latest Scholastic Book Club brochures are coming home. Please make all payments online. No payments are to come back to school. This order closes on Friday 2rd March. See Rachel at the library if you have any questions.

Don't forget our upcoming promotion from Pita Pit - get in quick: It’s a $3 Pita Pit day on Friday 23rd February at Amesbury School !! Yummy pitas for only $3! That’s fantastic value.  Go to Lunchonline and order your $3 pita now! 

Follow this link to order

Movin' March is nearly here! Please read our article here so you can be all set to go on Monday, 5th March.

Lost/Found Property: Our 'lost/found' property bins are full of fleeces already, and we also have some that have recently gone missing. Please check the name on your child's fleeces and sunhats to ensure that your child has the correct ones, and that someone else's hasn't been taken home by mistake. If this has happened please return items to the office.

We also have a black and red kids jacket and all weather blanket that were left on the blue matting area after the Community Evening. Please see Rachel at the office to collect if these belong to you. 

For Sale: Second Hand Uniform: x1 size 4 fleece - good condition - $20 - contact chris:

ASB $500 promotion: please see the image below for a fantastic way you can raise money for our School. If you are considering a mortgage or refinancing, please check out this promotion. 

By Rachael van Rij


56290 12478 0617 School Banking Support School Ad SECURE   PDF, 16 KB

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