Wednesday, August 9, 2017

School Photos 

photographerphotographer — by Chris Waugh

Just a reminder that Inspire Photography are coming to school on Tuesday next week to do our school photos

Inspire Photography will be coming to school on Tuesday 15th August, that is Tuesday next week.

Inspire Photography offer:

  • A totally relaxed and unique style of photography
  • A friendly and easy-going photographer
  • Fun, games and general silliness to get even the shyest children smiling
  • Group photos of each class
  • Individual portraits, friend portraits (School attendees only) and siblings (school attendees only).
Proofs will be available to view online approximately two weeks after the date of the photo shoot. You will then have one week to place an order, and then two weeks after orders have closed, the prints will be delivered back to school. 

We will ensure that students sitting the ICAS Maths exam on Tuesday morning will not miss out on school photos, and that school photos will have no impact on the ICAS Maths exam.  

By Chris Waugh

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